U.S. Meeting Etiquette: Simple Tips to Make Meetings More Effective and Faster

PSOW Staff - Tuesday, September 05, 2017

There are tons of things we like about our jobs, but if you ask people what is one of the most dreaded tasks that office workers are asked to do on a regular basis it has to be the mandatory meeting. Office meetings certainly do get a bad rap, and deservedly so because most of them are disorganized and distracted because most people are simply doing them incorrectly. However, when you consider some simple tips, meetings are an important tool for collaboration, getting your team on the same page, and to keep work flow moving smoothly.   Read more


Inter-generational Differences in the Workplace

PSOW Staff - Monday, July 31, 2017

“For every generation, there is a gap.” Of course, we are borrowing a mid 1990s slogan of a clothing retailer, but for those who remember the ad—and for those who don’t—communication can be a major hurdle when you are working with people from different age groups. With nearly 20 percent of people over 65 still working—the highest level in at least 5 decades—recent college grads are finding more and more of their colleagues have a lot more gray hair and a lot less tattoos. So, with baby boomers, millennials and Gen Xers sitting side by side in cubicles across America, the challenge of inter-generational differences has become a hot topic—especially when it comes to management.   Read more


What is your EQ? Learning the basics of Emotional Intelligence

PSOW Staff - Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Anyone in today’s stressful and hectic world can be prone to flying off the handle from time to time. With work, family, finances and all the pressures of a modern world, even the most level-headed of people can lose control of their emotions. But how do we become better at identifying the emotions that cause us to lose control?  Read more


Four Self-Regulation Skills All Professionals Should Own

Guest Blogger - Monday, June 12, 2017

For most professionals, every day can’t be a great day. Stuff happens – like being inundated with interruptions when you’re on a tight deadline. Or, you’re due for a pay increase but it ain’t happening. Or you’re stuck in traffic and going to be late for that important client meeting. Or you and your co-worker are not seeing eye to eye on a project. We’ve all been there when emotions are running high. It’s how we handle ourselves that indicate our self-regulation strength during challenging times.   Read more


Catching up with North America’s Youngest Etiquette Expert: Konrad Phillip

Guest Blogger - Friday, June 02, 2017

As last year’s winner of the National Business Etiquette Week contest, Konrad Phillip—known as North America’s Youngest Etiquette Expert—presented an engaging infographic that addressed ways to put civility back into the political process. In a recent interview, Konrad discusses the year since his win (including his take on last year’s elections), his training with the Protocol School of Washington, and his future plans.   Read more