Robert Hickey

Robert Hickey

Deputy Director / Senior Master Trainer

Area of Expertise : Titles and Forms of Address

Mantra : Exploring is more interesting than revisiting.

Educational Background : University of Virginia

Past Experience : Robert Hickey has conducted etiquette and protocol trainings and workshops since 1988. He has also served as: coordinator of publications at George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia; art director at Acropolis Books, Washington, D.C.: art director at Graphic Image, Melville, New York; training facilitator at the Etiquette & Leadership Institute, Athens, Georgia; and an instructor in the Publication Specialist Program at George Washington University, Washington, D.C.

Affiliated with : Vice President for Marketing and Public Relations, Protocol and Diplomacy International - Protocol Officers Association (PDI - POA) | National Member of National Speakers Association | Member of New York City Chapter, National Speakers Association | Member of Toastmasters International, Douglas Elliman Chapter, New York City.

Something Fun about Yourself : My book's website on names, titles, and forms of address attracts over 160,000 unique visitors every month. Check it out here.

More About Robert

Mr. Hickey presents on a variety of topics including flags and official gifts, but is recognized for his knowledge on the use of titles and forms of address in official situations. Topics of discussion include: forms of address for private citizens; professionals and academics; federal, state, and municipal officials; armed services; diplomats and representatives to international organizations; foreign officials; royalty and nobility; and clergy. Also included are segments on: joint forms of address; introductions; courtesy titles; style and usage; and precedence. Mr. Hickey also presents on cross-cultural communication. He is certified by Aperian Global to teach with and consult using the GlobeSmart Profile, a cultural intelligence resource, providing detailed information on how to conduct business effectively with people from around the world

Mr. Hickey has written, developed or contributed to many books, but is most noted as author of Honor & Respect The Official Guide to Names, Titles, and Forms of Address (2nd Edition, 2014) by Robert Hickey, The Protocol School of Washington, foreword by Pamela Eyring. The book includes complete formulas for correspondence, outside and inside invitation envelopes, place cards, introductions, and even what to call the VIP in conversation or in a receiving line. The book includes formats for more officials in more organizations than any other book ever published. It includes sections on the United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and more than 190 other countries. Of special note are sections on the officials of Native American Tribes (never before in print); and religious officials in every major religious group (many for the first time in print); a 70-page glossary; and a 1,500-entry index. Library Journal calls the book “An essential purchase for all libraries.” The book is used at The White House, The British Embassy, The United States Supreme Court, the Pentagon and is in the permanent collections of the Library of Congress and Harvard Law School Library.

Mr. Hickey has been featured on CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and many other publications. He speaks frequently around the country to professional groups on a wide range of etiquette and protocol issues. Mr. Hickey also presents at the Etiquette and Leadership Institute, Athens, Georgia, and has taught marketing, graphic design, and production at George Washington University, Washington, DC. He maintains a blog on the use of names, titles, and forms of address.

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