National Business Etiquette Week

June 4 - 10, 2017

Toxic Workplaces: How to Resurrect Civility in Business

From modern technology making interpersonal relationships rather impersonal to the rise of employee bullying and cultural disrespect, more and more business environments have entered what many believe to be an era of toxicity. In fact, a recent survey by the organization Civility in America, reports that 95 percent of respondents saying that incivility has become a real problem, with another 74 percent saying it’s gotten worse in recent years. To draw attention to the prevalence of uncivilized behavior in the workplace and to focus on real solutions to these growing challenges, The Protocol School of Washington is designating its annual “National Business Etiquette Week” with a theme of “Toxic Workplaces: How to Resurrect Civility in Business.” 

“We’re at a real tipping point when it comes to rude and disrespectful behavior among working colleagues. It is time to return to a more civilized way of doing business,” said Pamela Eyring, president and owner of The Protocol School of Washington. “From overcoming poor communication skills to eradicating cross-cultural ignorance and insensitivity, the business world needs to make a concerted effort to recreate a culture of mutual respect among coworkers.”

“As we look at ways to end toxic behaviors in the workplace, we will also address how we can all become “champions of civility,” said Eyring. “At The Protocol School of Washington, we want to teach and remind people how to respect the cultural differences of others but also to be mindful of annoying behaviors and ineffective communications that result in toxic workplaces.”

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Past winners include: 

Konrad Philip [2016] National Business Etiquette Week “Running on Respect” tuition contest with his “We the People pledge.  

Brooke Peterson [2015] National Business Etiquette Week "What will Business Etiquette look like in 2025?" tuition contest with her Future of Etiquette video.