A week to recognize the need for proper business etiquette to compete in the growing global marketplace.

As the modern office certainly has its challenges when it comes to incivility and inappropriate behavior, the bigger question may be, "How do we curtail these types of behaviors and reeducate people on the principles of professionalism?" 

To help answer these questions and to raise awareness about the importance of good business behavior, we are searching for the "The Next Business Etiquette Superstar".  

We encourage entrants to "audition" for the part by entering our contest: Casting Call: Seeking The Next Business Etiquette Superstar to win a complimentary tuition to attend Intercultural Etiquette and Protocol Trainer  Course ($7,300.00 / $8,800.00 value). 

Contest Ended 11:59 pm EST, Sunday, June 10, 2018.

Winner to be announced Friday, June 15, 2018.

Visit our blog and social media sites throughout the week to look for tips on intercultural etiquette and business protocol topics!   


Past winners include: 

Tammy West [2017] National Business Etiquette Week "Toxic Workplaces: How to Resurrect Civility in Business" tuition contest: Civility in the Workplace Video | Click Here for Top Five Toxins Infographic

Konrad Philip [2016] National Business Etiquette Week “Running on Respect” tuition contest: “We the People pledge.  

Brooke Peterson [2015] National Business Etiquette Week "What will Business Etiquette look like in 2025?" tuition contest: Future of Etiquette video.