National Business Etiquette Week

June 5 - 11, 2016

Running on Respect: Putting Civility Back Into Politics

In what has already been an incredibly volatile election season, political candidates have subjected one another - and the world at large - to an unprecedented display of public and personal attacks on their rivals. In a concerted effort to restore decorum and dignity to both political parties and their candidates, The Protocol School of Washington is proud to designate its annual "National Business Etiquette Week" with a theme of "Running on Respect: Putting Civility Back Into Politics."

PSOW is seeking answers to softening the current political climate by asking, "How can political candidates run on respect and put civility back into politics?" Submissions can be made through videos, white papers, PowerPoint presentations or essays and the selected winner will be given a complimentary tuition ($6,800.00/$8,800.00 value) to any scheduled 2016 five-day Train to be a Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Consultant course. 

Visit our blog and social media sites throughout the week with more information on how to win the complimentary tuition.


Congratulations! Konrad Philip has won this year’s National Business Etiquette Week “Running on Respect” tuition contest with his “We the People pledge. We look forward to welcoming Mr. Philip to our Train to be a Corporate Etiquette and International Protocol Course! 

2nd Place Winner is Cristina Grajales. In her “Cristina for Congress 2016” video, she shares why etiquette needs to be brought into politics and how it will benefit our country.

3rd Place winner is Kathleen Montalvo with “Shake it Off” – She’s Truthful; She’s Respectful; She’s a Team Player; She’s Accountable; She’s Transparent; She will listen. She got our vote!