Alyssa Hamrick

Alyssa Hamrick

Student Relations Specialist

What you do for PSOW : I am PSOW’s Gal Friday. Not only do I handle all your class admissions with devastating aplomb, but I also act as an artful factotum in nearly all of the other departments. Whether it’s serving our students as a training advisor, maintaining a pristine inventory and ordering process, or gracefully slipping into vital roles during crunch times; if there is a tough job to be handled, I’m your gal!

Mantra : Everything is Awesome - Theme song to The Lego Movie

Educational Background : Bachelor of Arts in English at Asbury University

Past Experience : I was a designer at the world’s largest furniture showroom. Before that I was the personal assistant to an internationally known artist. I have also had a great deal of experience in sales, customer service, and consulting.

Something Fun about Yourself : As a child I was a member of an all-female Shakespearean drama troupe. I mostly played male characters as I was one of the tallest. I specialize in indulging in expensive, useless hobbies such as ballroom dancing and equestrian three-day eventing. I also love to garden, sew, crochet, read, and play a wide variety of musical instruments including the piano, flute and dulcimer. Most people are surprised to hear that in high school I spent three summers working construction.

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