Jeane Anderson

Jeane Anderson

Director of Operations

What you do for PSOW : I am the PSOW zookeeper. I must maintain order in my domain. I oversee the daily activities of all the 'animals' necessary to keep the office running smoothly. Some days I do nothing but mind the purse strings, while other days might include maintaining the welfare of all the zoo employees in their working environment. And since I am also the training manager for International Protocol Manager Training, Advanced International Protocol Course, and international on-site trainings, I must be prepared to deal with a broad group of people - some more exotic than others. It's a constant flurry of feeding, making edits to the materials used in class, feeding, packing the suitcases to get back on the road to the next training, setting up dining tutorials, and keeping everyone calm and happy. All in all, it's a great way to spend a working day - even if I do have to occasionally work on the weekends!

Mantra : Do not feed the animals!

Educational Background : School of Hard Knocks and lots of on-the-job training

Past Experience : Prior to joining PSOW, I was the Director of Physician Services for a small hospital, which meant I was responsible for recruiting their physicians and then keeping them happy with their new job. Since joining PSOW, I have attended 33+ Corporate - International Trainings and 25+ Protocol Officer Trainings. I haven't even counted the International Protocol Managerâ„  and Advanced International Protocol Officerâ„  courses! One might say I am a slow learner.

Affiliated with : Society for Human Resource Management; National Association of Zoo Keepers

Something Fun about Yourself : What could possibly be better than cruising down a road on a warm summer day on my BMW R 1200C? With a helmet on, of course!

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