Samar Naim

Samar Naim

Administration and Relationship Manager - Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Region

What you do for PSOW : I am PSOW’s Master Builder! I ensure all building materials are available for the smooth flow of the MENA operations and training functions. I also bind the blocks and missing pieces needed to maintain a sturdy foundation of long-lasting client relations and memorable educational experiences.

Mantra : “Breathe...” | “لكل مقام مقال” (i.e. “There is a place and time for everything”)

Educational Background : Advanced Certified Professional Coach (Life & Executive coaching); Master of Quality Management ; Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Advertising; Diploma in Integrated Marketing Communications

Past Experience : Over 10 years with the Protocol Department of His Highness the Ruler’s Court (Dubai, UAE) as their Development and Training Specialist | Life and Executive Coach (to date)

Affiliated with : International Coach Federation (ICF)- Member; International Coach Academy (ICA)-Graduate/ MENA Ambassador; Zumba Instructor Network (ZIN)

Something Fun about Yourself : When travelling, I enjoy exploring new places on foot. I love horses and owls. I am a feather collector. I have a special interest in the energies of numbers, stones and cards.

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