National Business Etiquette Week - Returning to the workforce post-COVID19 - Tip #4

PSOW Staff - Thursday, June 11, 2020
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Elevators and stairs – people, buttons and doors – oh my!  Elevators are not as challenging as they seem.  First, avoid pressing the elevator door button with your bare hand. Instead, try using your elbow or have a wipe or tissue in your hand and use it to put a barrier between your fingertip and the button.  Follow the guidance, if given, on how many people may be in the elevator at the same time.  If the elevator capacity for COVID restrictions is four people, don’t enter if it will max the number.  When inside, use the same technique to press the button and stay close to one of the four corners.  If you are in a front corner, exit first; if not, wait your turn.   

You can always take the stairs if you want to avoid elevator encounters. Again, use an antibacterial wipe or tissue to open the door to the stairs.  Try not to hold onto the rail when walking up or down the stairs unless you feel unsteady, and use the same wipe or tissue to open the door on the exit floor. 

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