National Protocol Officer Week - Graduate Profile: Kimberly Babcock

PSOW Staff - Friday, March 27, 2020
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What makes a Protocol Officer the Most Valuable Player on a team? 

Protocol Officers are the real MVPs because we are the teammates you never realized you needed need us. We work tirelessly behind the scenes anticipating possible issues and connecting the dots in a role that is often overlooked. The feedback I get most often following an event is "I can't believe you guys do this every day" or "How did you even know that would happen?" then finally, "I could have never done this without you." It feels great to be able to provide the expertise that makes an event a success.

If you had to define a Protocol Officer in one word, what would it be and why?  I would define protocol officers in one word as selfless. Simply put, our profession makes others shine. I find that very rewarding. 

What is your most valuable protocol tool or resource? My most valuable protocol resource is other Protocol Officers. Through my career and educational opportunities with The Protocol School of Washington, I have worked and learned from some of the best. I know I can reach out to so many of my colleagues for advice and guidance to any question.

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