Presidential Protocol

Guest Blogger - Thursday, October 13, 2016

"International protocol consists of drawing a platform on which international relations grow and preserving mutual respect, no matter how big or small the countries may be." – Mr. Lahoud Lahoud, Chief of Protocol at the Presidency of the Republic of Lebanon (and graduate of The Protocol School of Washington). We are pleased, once again, to share another excerpt from An Expert’s Guide to International Protocol: Best Practices in Diplomatic and Corporate Relations co-authored by our friends Gilbert Monod de Froideville and Mark Verheul.  Read more

Presidential Protocol
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Bill Clinton: What to Call Him if He Becomes the “First Husband”

PSOW Staff - Thursday, July 21, 2016

When Bill Clinton first won the presidency, the form of address used for him and the first lady, Hillary, was as follows: The President and Mrs. Clinton. This form of address fits into the traditional formula in writing: The President and Mrs. (Surname) and in conversation: Mr./Madam President and Mr./Mrs. (Surname). If Hillary Clinton wins the current presidential election, Bill Clinton will be a first: the first First Husband, Spouse, Partner, or Significant Other. So how will the White House staff address Bill Clinton?  Read more


What does it mean to be in protocol?

PSOW Staff - Friday, April 22, 2016

Protocol is the fine art and science of facilitating events for people of different cultures to find common purpose, engage strategic and sensitive issues, and create relationships and memories for a lifetime.  Read more

What does it mean to be in protocol?

An Expert's Guide to International Protocol featuring Olympic Protocol

PSOW Staff - Saturday, April 9, 2016

PSOW is thrilled to share with you a great resource co-authored by our very own trainer Gilbert Monod De Froideville, former Master of Ceremonies of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and Director of the consulting company Protocol International and Mark Verheul, Chief of Protocol of the City of The Hague. An Expert’s Guide to International Protocol offers an overview of its associated practices, including those found within the context of diplomatic relations and the business world.  Read more


Annual Protocol Check Up: Hope and Healing

PSOW Staff - Thursday, March 31, 2016

Annual Protocol Check Up: Take time to take care … of you! As a protocol officer, you are always taking care of others— THE trusted adviser who plans and orchestrates international VIP visits, meetings, ceremonies and special events for military, government, academia and the business world. You have a multitude of responsibilities and demands with a nonstop job that includes long hours, lack of sleep and constant stress. In honor of all that you do to make everyone else’s life easier, for once, let’s turn the focus back on YOU! It’s time for your Annual Protocol Check-up where you take time to take care of yourself. Follow the protocol doctor’s orders to ensure you stay healthy and in shape throughout the year.  Read more

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