The Protocol School of Washington is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training (www.ACCET.org). ACCET is listed by the U.S. Department of Education as a nationally recognized accrediting agency. As an accredited institution we continue to review, monitor, and revise our curriculum, instructional delivery, and facilitators in order to ensure the highest quality education and training.


Yes! In order to receive Continuing Education Units (CEUs), you must attend at least 90% of the course. You must also actively participate in all exercises and activities and demonstrate an understanding and comprehension of the tasks assigned. Facilitators and the Training Manager will observe and evaluate your participation to determine if you understand the material and if you pass or fail the course, for the purpose of awarding CEUs.

At this time, we do not offer online training. As part of the classroom training environment, students benefit from the hands-on and interactive learning experience with the ability to learn directly from our subject matter experts and the benefits of shared networking opportunities among students.

While you may have already reviewed our training offerings, we invite you to call or email us. Our training advisers are happy to discuss your training goals with you and help you determine what course will be of the most benefit to you. 

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PSOW alumni are impacting global diplomacy every day. These alumni are liaising between cultures; they are creating lasting memories for VIPs and guests, and making a living as ambassadors of civility.

As a recognized name in the industry, PSOW graduates carry a name that resonates across academia, military, government and corporate worlds.

Upon graduation from The Protocol School of Washington, the learning journey has only begun for our Alumni. We are attuned to alumni growth and tailor continued education to their specific needs as protocol and etiquette professionals. We provide mentoring and privileged advice indefinitely.

During training, students receive extensive and comprehensive manuals along with several resource books and an on-line international database research tool. Additional resources include: The Alumni Zone: a password protected, graduates only area on the PSOW website, industry specific articles and/or media, regular job announcements, and educational summits. And, the School provides complimentary, on-going support to its graduates.

The Protocol School of Washington's standards and expected performance objectives are measured on a pass/fail system. Ninety percent (90%) cumulative attendance in the classroom is required for graduation.

Protocol is the fine art and science of facilitating events for people of different cultures to find common purpose, engage strategic and sensitive issues, and create relationships and memories for a lifetime.

Two almost universal truths exist about protocol officers: 

First, few of us envisioned ourselves in the career we now enjoy. No one sat behind a “PROTOCOL PROFESSIONAL” booth at a high school or college career day and recruited us. Instead, because we were seen as responsible, respectful, detail-oriented, savvy people, many of us were simply handed the protocol portfolio with the expectation and the faith that we would perform this most necessary of functions. 

Second, protocol officers rarely, if ever, describe their roles as routine. To recall "a day in the life of a protocol officer” would be an exercise in futility and frustration, because carbon copies simply do not exist.

You will enjoy our professionally-designed curriculum that embraces adult learning theory and methodologies to engage your learning style and ensure understanding and application. 

You will learn from the best. Our trainers are skilled presenters and subject matter experts who are committed to providing you an in-depth, dynamic learning experience.

You will have immediate credentials. We are the most trusted name in the industry, celebrating three decades as the global leader in protocol and etiquette training.

You will have access to networking globally and the opportunity to build professional relationships with your peers.

Your training is recognized by Fortune 500 corporations, federal and state governments, the armed services, associations, academia and private consultants.

You will attend a School that is accredited by the Accrediting council for Continuing Education and Training recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

You can count on receiving a powerful boost in reaching your personal and professional development goals.

Your success is our success! We will provide mentoring and privileged advice indefinitely.

Tuition and travel expenses are tax deductible for U.S. citizens. All expenses of continuing education taken to maintain and improve professional skills are tax deductible according to Treasury Regulation 1.162-5 Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203 F2d 307. Please contact your accountant for details.

As a student service to our graduates, the School shares job announcements provided to us in the areas of protocol and etiquette. Note: our programs do not imply job placement directly or indirectly - they are meant to outclass the competition.

We are unable to provide financial aid or provide scholarships as a result of our accreditation status. We are accredited as an avocational school by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) and therefore do not have access to Title IV funds. 

We have had success assisting students to be funded by their company to attend our trainings. If you would like, we can create a business case for you to justify your training with us.