When selecting what course tract to take, there are two distinct paths that students can choose from: Training Development or Skills Development.

Training Development: If you are a business owner, serve as a trainer in an organization or want to teach others what you learn at PSOW, we suggest the Training Development Tract that will give you the basics of business and global etiquette; image enhancement (dining, presentation skills, etc.); and how to start your own business. Our “Intercultural Etiquette and Protocol Trainer” is the course you need to influence and guide others and to help them enhance their professionalism.

Intercultural Etiquette and Protocol Trainer


Skills Development: If you are looking to enhance your personal and professional development, we have several skills-specific courses involving operational protocol that cover such topics as Hosting VIPs; Seating Strategies; International Visits, Precedence, Flag Etiquette and Gift Giving. These topics are covered in our Protocol Officer Training, International Protocol Manager Training and then onto Advanced International Protocol Training courses.

Protocol Officer Training: In-Person Classroom

Protocol Officer Training - Online: Instructor Led Distance Learning

International Protocol Manager Training