Intercultural Etiquette and Protocol Trainer

5-Day Certificate Program
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This five-day interactive course provides expert, hands-on instruction preparing you to train others on business protocol, executive entertaining, professional image and cultural awareness. Interested in preparing the next generation of professionals?

  • In-depth learning on current behaviors and accepted practices in protocol and etiquette;
  • Intercultural sensitivity and understanding for today's complex environments;
  • Training facilitation and presentation skills for imparting knowledge to others;
  • An understanding of how to assess organizational training needs to clearly outline learning objectives and expected outcomes
  • License to use PSOW's copyrighted, professionally designed presenter manuals, PowerPoint slides, workbooks and briefings.

Seminars: Outclass the Competition® (Business Etiquette & Dining Skills) | How to Succeed in the International Arena® | Dine Like a Diplomat® | The Power of Professional Presence | Business Protocol for Professionals

Materials and Marketing | Public Relations Primer

Training Facilitation Skills: SpeakersTrainingCamp | Business Topics and On-going Support

Military And Government Professionals who are required to be knowledgeable and present briefings to organizations on protocol and formal dining skills.
Academia who want to serve as a trainer within your institution or want to influence and guide others to enhance professionalism.
In-House or Internal Trainers interested in adding seminars and briefings on business etiquette, international protocol and dining skills to existing training programs.
Protocol, Meeting and Event Planners who manage special events for high-level officials or clients.
Administrative Professionals who advise executives on how to build stronger relationships.
Foreign Affairs Officials and Staff who promote the interests of their country through diplomatic relations
Entrepreneurs and Image Consultants who want to present seminars and briefings on intercultural etiquette, business protocol and dining skills.

5-Year Reprint Permission | Resource tool providing access to supplemental seminar and briefing materials | Presenter Manuals, Workbook and PowerPoint Presentations for all Seminars | GlobeSmart® Personal Profile and Digital Subscription | Global Road Warrior Digital Subscription | Training Manual | Resource Books

Attendance/Grading: A 90% attendance rate is required of all participants. This course is strictly Pass/Fail. Course facilitators will observe and evaluate your participation to determine if you understand the material and if you pass or fail the course.

Mary Renner

Mary Renner, The Digital Workshop, Lancaster, PA

Every person on your team is a tremendous asset and anyone would feel lucky to learn – not just from their expertise – but from their style and warmth. The experience cannot help but make us better trainers,  but no matter what the future holds I will never regret the investment. How do you put a price tag on confidence?

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