VIP Management and Official Visits - Online


Do you host VIP guests, official meetings, and special events? If so, join our online class for protocol professionals that will cover VIP management and planning official visits.

Class Title: VIP Management and Official Visits

Class Description: During this online Instructor-Led Distance Learning module, students will learn the guest experience cycle for planning a visit; the various types of visits and their purposes; how to receive guests and manage hospitality; apply escorting techniques when walking beside a guest, walking through a door, holding an umbrella, and other scenarios; manage event traffic flow; anticipate and fulfill guest needs without crossing the "magic line"; and plan official travel and accommodations for VIPs.

Individual Modules: A limited number of seats for individual modules will be available in each online Protocol Officer Training course. If these seats are already filled when you register, you will be notified and added to a waitlist. Waitlisted individuals will be contacted and offered any remaining seats one week prior to class.

Individual Module Tuition: US$599.

Certificate Program: All 13 class modules are included in the Protocol Officer Training certificate program (US$6500).

Register for January 12, 2021 Class

Additional 2021 Dates:

VIP - March 8, 2021:

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