Cultural Understanding

As modern technology and an expanding global marketplace bring people of different cultures together more than any point in history, human connectivity is at a tipping point. We can no longer be thought of as a citizen of one country, we are now citizens of one planet. And as our world becomes more intimate in new and challenging ways, cultural understanding has never been more important.

Meeting the evolving needs of today’s international business and governmental leaders, The Protocol School of Washington was created to provide expertise in communication skills, protocol and business etiquette around the world. From Washington, DC to Dubai—and everywhere in between—we help our students foster professional relationships built on mutual respect that bridge every international divide.

As one of the nation’s first and only accredited educational institutions of its kind, The Protocol School of Washington’s expert staff of trainers come out of such prestigious entities as The White House, the Disney Institute, The Hague, corporate America as well as military and academic centers of excellence. Since 1988, the PSOW has trained more than 4,500 people from 80+ countries including Bulgaria; China; Canada; the U. K.; the U.A.E.; Ghana; India; Germany; Saudi Arabia; Switzerland, and those in the Caribbean. Graduates of both our on-site and open enrollment programs leave with a combination of etiquette and protocol Intelligence—transformational skills that are changing the way the world citizens interact with one another.