Mark David Jones

Mark David Jones


Area of Expertise : Legendary Service | Leadership

Mantra : If it doesn't work in the REAL world, you're wasting my time! | Let it go!"

Educational Background : My pragmatic expertise is complemented by a Bachelor of Science degree in Interpersonal Communication and a Master of Science degree in Organizational Communication with minors in Business/Management from Florida State University. My doctoral work at the University of Florida was in Organization Development with a focus in leadership and international business.

Past Experience : I spent 26 years at the Disney Corporation, working in a wide variety of leadership roles. In addition, I was in charge of the national training headquarters of the Federal Aviation Administration for 4 years. Currently, I am the President of the consulting firm Small World Alliance – where I lead a team of former Disney executives to help public and private sector organizations all over the world achieve world-class business results.

Affiliated with : The Society for Human Resource Management | The Association for Talent Development | The National Speakers Association | The International Organization Development Association

Something Fun about Yourself : I rarely eat vegetables. I’m a bookaholic. I’ve seen Dolly Parton’s real hair. I’m superb at parallel parking. I have a weakness for Whoopie Pies. I’ve bowled with Eddie Murphy. I collect antique maps of places I’ve been to. All my vaccinations are current. I have flown stunt aerobatics. I’ve enjoyed a private jam session with Kool & The Gang. I can almost quote the entire dialogue of “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. I was a Disney Character. I almost got fired once due to my bad handwriting. As a kid, I often played in the park with Stan Laurel (of Laurel & Hardy fame). I’m a night owl. All my fingers are very double-jointed. My nose has been broken eleven times. I’m secretly an introvert. I enjoy renovating old homes. I’m Advanced SCUBA certified.

More About Mark

Mark David Jones is an acclaimed consultant – having worked with dozens of Fortune 500 companies in six of the seven continents of the world. An author in high demand as a speaker, Mark has an innovative, results-focused passion for helping people make a difference.

He first joined the Walt Disney World Resort® in 1978, working in a wide variety of leadership roles over the next 26 years. While there, he was in charge of Leadership, Creativity & Innovation, and Quality Service initiatives. He also served externally as the senior project manager for numerous highly successful large-scale organizational initiatives for leading domestic and international corporations – many of which are showcased in the Disney-published book Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service. In recognition of his contribution to the Disney organization, Mark was nominated for the prestigious “Partners in Excellence” award – Disney’s highest regarded corporate award.

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