YanQi "Emma" Li

YanQi "Emma" Li


Area of Expertise : Helping optimize organizational partnership efforts between two or more organizations, from projects to merger and acquisitions. Intercultural etiquette and protocol. Image consulting.

Mantra : “Differences, when orchestrated correctly, creates opportunities that can transform your world”

Educational Background : Dual degrees in international business and engineering.

Past Experience : My career has included every aspect of business protocol and etiquette from private Fortune 100 companies like IBM to international agencies worldwide. I have led project development work and hosted cultural events for as many as 20,000 attendees.

Affiliated with : Association of Image Consultants International (former Board Member of Beijing Chapter). Society for Human Resource Management. Association of Talent Development.

Something Fun about Yourself : Writing a book on how to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western organizations, due early 2018! I was once part of a traditional Chinese dance troupe as well as a performer in Kunqu Opera. I love exploring the many cultures of the world with international travel. I enjoy making authentic Northern Chinese-style meals. I’m a fan of the Minions. In addition to being fluent in Mandarin and English, I also dabble in French.

More About Emma

Born and raised in Beijing, China, YanQi “Emma” Li has provided extensive inter-cultural business development and project consultation services for organizations throughout Asia as well as the US, Canada and Europe. In her role as a certified Master Trainer for the renowned Protocol School of Washington, Emma provides expert guidance for numerous Fortune 500 companies and government agencies around the world.

As the founder and president of Beijing Sen Hai Culture Development Co., Ltd (China) and MOGOK Inc. (Montreal, Canada), Emma served as a project development liaison for over a decade, aligning Asian and Western countries’ public and private sector organizations. Providing valuable consultation in international business collaborations, her firm also developed and delivered cultural events for as many as 20,000 attendees. In addition, as a certified Association of Image Consultant International professional, she has been providing workshops on Asian/Western business and social etiquette, communication skills, business performance, and image management to help clients strategically improve service performance and operational results.

Currently, Ms. Li is working as the Director of International Business Development for a global consulting firm based in the US, facilitating complex intercultural business issues for multi-national audiences, from front line employees to the C-suite, driving superior operational and financial results. Emma’s passion is to make a significant impact by sharing her insights of Asian business and culture, establishing new business partnerships. Her upcoming book sharing proven tools to effectively bridge the gap between Western and Eastern organizations is due early 2018.

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