Omar Alvarez

I am super excited to tell you that I am the new deputy chief of protocol for USAFE-AFAFRICA.
It is undeniable that the training I received from The Protocol School of Washington had a huge role in me being able to reach my goal. I started from zero (no real protocol experience) three years ago and now I am the deputy chief at a MAJCOM. I could not have done it without you and your team.
Thank you so much for what you and the school have done and will continue to do for motivated young professionals like myself.

Caren Hergenroeder

Now I have the credentials and a certificate on my wall and people see that when they walk in, so I feel like it really has defined me more as a protocol professional.

Chelsea L. Demarest

The training was very informative and provided me the support and resources to start my own consulting business. Thank You!

Connie Erickson

I have attended many continuing education courses over my 30 years in Corporate America and have submitted many course evaluations, but have never been compelled to write a testimonial. With that said, the Protocol Officer Training course was "hands down" the most professional, well-organized, informational, and practical training course I have ever attended. The breadth and depth of the curriculum was very impressive and extremely relevant. The instructors were fantastic; very experienced, knowledgeable, passionate, encouraging and had lots of personality (which in my opinion is as important in an instructor as it is in Miss America). From registration to graduation, the administrative staff was professional, friendly, thorough and accommodating. And last, but not least, the venue was superb. Thank you to everyone at PSOW for such a positive experience!!!

David Andino-Aquino

Thank you all for the outstanding training you provided to me and my classmates in May 2016. All that I experienced served the US Army War College well, as my staff and I orchestrated 692 Protocol engagements (distinguished visitor visits to the US Army War College, Senior leader presentations, meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars) during a very busy and tough 2016.

This training was absolutely fabulous! I had a great time learning the finer points of protocol. Being new to the field, it was very eye-opening and a great way to meet and network with other protocol officers. I would recommend The Protocol School of Washington and strongly encourage those in my office to attend.

This was an outstanding training opportunity and I am exceptionally thankful to have had this chance. From start to finish, every detail was thought through and taken care of. It was smooth, classy and professional. I am so excited to get back and get busy. Prior to this training my 'spark' had begun to dim a bit, but I am excited to report that this training and your instructors have reignited my flame! Watch out world…I’ve been equipped with knowledge and I am dangerous! Thank you to everyone who played a part in the planning and execution of this event! Thank you!

- Amazingly talented staff and instruction! Cannot say enough wonderful things. I am a better protocol officer and HUMAN because of you!

- The level of experience was top notch.

- What an amazing experience it has been to spend this past week learning from all of you and enjoying the company of so many professionals! This training has given me the tools to be a more effective protocol professional.

Haley Rivero

My five day Protocol Officer Training Course was one of the best professional experiences I've ever had. It was a great opportunity to take time to refine and refocus my protocol skills. The instructors made each session a lot of fun and extremely informative. Learning from my classmates in the course also added another layer of value and information as well. But the lasting effect of the class will be all of the great resource materials given to us, as well as the contact information of our instructors. Thank you PSOW!

Joseph Gebbie

I can tell why all of my career services colleagues encouraged me to participate in PSOW’s training – simply the best! Not only did I learn a great deal, enhance my skills and become a better presenter, I made amazing friends along the way.

Kelly Goering

The experience, the camaraderie and friends cannot compare to any other exposure I have had. The team was very supportive during our training, and continues to offer help, feedback and always answers questions quickly! PSOW is not a one class and done, it is knowing you have learned from the best and provides the confidence in you to really go after what you want with the backup of a whole team! I never felt like I received my training and I had nothing to fall back on. The Alumni Zone, which offers long term support, is a wonderful addition to the training.

Kristin Shoop

"I sit, armed with my PSOW list of action items, ready to transition both my business and life to the next level. None of that would be possible without, your tremendous vision and shared passion to deliver the amazing product that PSOW is. My heart is full of gratitude and my head with 1100 ideas!"

Lieutenant Mark Ziegler

The instructors are very energetic, professional and knowledgeable. They are specialists in each particular area.

Liz Bryant

The content, the presenters, my classmates - all wonderful. I made a wise and worthy investment when I chose The Protocol School of Washington.

Mark Jones

I thought protocol was military and flags. What I found out is; if you are doing events; if you are dealing with VIPs; if you are overseeing groups of people coming together to accomplish something, you are in protocol. You need Protocol Officer Training because everything you need to be successful is designed to be in this course. People hate boring training – and we do to!

Mary Renner

Every person on your team is a tremendous asset and anyone would feel lucky to learn – not just from their expertise – but from their style and warmth. The experience cannot help but make us better trainers,  but no matter what the future holds I will never regret the investment. How do you put a price tag on confidence?

Melinda Crews

It’s not often an educational program provides context and content in such a powerful way. Practical, comprehensive and amazingly succinct (given the global scope of the curriculum!) Hats off to PSOW for an educational journey I won’t soon forget.

Nicole Krakora

We are not just reading a script. We’ve actually been out there and done the work so we can tell you what worked, we can sure share with you what didn’t work, and we can help you strategize for how to make it perfect in the future.

Rosemary Murphy

My primary goal to come to the school was not just for myself, but to bring this information back to my company, primarily to the sales team because they are the first line our customers see and they represent our brand.

Sarah Walters

PSOW gave us all the tools to bring our cross cultural experiences to a new level. What amazing energy and kindness. I feel forever changed and I thank you.

Steven Whyte

Protocol Officer Training is the finest continuing education I have taken in my career...the best time and money spent. The class is incredible. The instructors are phenomenal. The knowledge you will gain is immeasurable. And the experience is priceless.

Tarin Hodges

As an image consultant, I understand the value of your look, your personal brand and your finish which takes you to one level but when you complete protocol and etiquette training, and put that together, you have a complete personal brand.

Victor Gonzales

From the first day PSOW tells you, now you are a part of this family and every time you need to reach out, you do.

Wasim Ben Khadra

"Attending PSOW classes enriched my knowledge not only professionally but also personally. The combination of hands-on training from industry leaders plus learning theories and best practices gave me an upper hand in my career. Being a licensed protocol and etiquette advisor is a huge plus in today's competitive working environment. It is your ticket to creating a long-lasting impact by cultivating champions for civility in your line of business. I am a proud graduate."