The Protocol School of Washington supports several events throughout the year. Please visit our blog for additional events.

International Women's Day - March 8

Held annually on March 8, it is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

National Protocol Officer Week - March 24-March 30, 2024

Held each year during the last full week of March, this designated time recognizes protocol officers - the trusted advisers who plan and orchestrate international VIP visits, meetings, ceremonies and special events for military, government, academic, and business organizations.

This annual designation focuses on the important role protocol officers play in cross-cultural communications and recognizes their role in planning and orchestrating international VIP visits, meetings, ceremonies, and special events for the military, government, academia, and business communities.

National Business Etiquette Week - June 2-8, 2024

Hosted each year during the first full week in June, it is a designated time to recognize the importance of proper business etiquette to compete in the growing global marketplace.

Established in 2007 to highlight the importance of proper etiquette and the ways in which it improves interpersonal and intercultural communications, creates a professional environment for building relationships, and allows organizations to conduct business effectively in the global marketplace.

Global Education Summit - August 7-10, 2024

Held only every five years, the Global Education Summit is an immersive four-days offering a comprehensive program of educational tracks, lectures, preliminary sessions, and keynote presentations by renowned industry experts, focusing on the essential aspects of global diplomacy.

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Bring Your Manners to Work Day - September 1, 2023

The first Friday in September is "Bring Your Manners to Work Day" and is a reminder of the importance of treating people with courtesy and respect. Although "Bring Your Manners To Work Day" is just one day of the year, use the day as a reminder of the importance of good manners every day of the year, and you may well find good manners help to open the doors to new opportunities and professional relationships.

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