The Protocol School of Washington provides expertise in protocol, business etiquette and communication skills around the world using the highest educational standards.

The Original Mission

PSOW founder Dorothea Johnson with PSOW President Pamela Eyring.

The Original Mission

The Protocol School of Washington was the first educational entity in the nation to recognize the emerging need for professionally trained etiquette and protocol instructors. Our school’s founder, Dorothea Johnson, had the foresight to conduct extensive research that revealed the need for “soft skills” training for relatively seasoned executives as well as young professionals who were ascending in their careers.

At the same time, Ms. Johnson was aware that success in the international arena would require exemplary cultural and social skills as cornerstones for conducting business in a global economy. Armed with more than three decades of firsthand experience teaching etiquette and protocol along with a distinct entrepreneurial vision, Ms. Johnson and her staff shaped the growth of protocol training and became a thought leader in the field.

Today, The Protocol School of Washington sets the standard by which others in the industry are measured. From our initial programming launch in 1988, the school has become the educational model for providing protocol, business etiquette, and communication skills training throughout the world.



A New Era of Excellence

During Pamela Eyring's 23 years as a civil service employee, she spent more than 15 years as a protocol professional with seven of those years as the Chief of Protocol at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio.

While working directly for the Commander of Air Force Materiel Command, a four-star General Officer level executive, Pamela was encouraged to attend The Protocol School of Washington—and from there, her passion for protocol only grew.

With her background in operational protocol and the level of the training she received at The Protocol School of Washington, Pamela was invited by the founder to join the PSOW facilitation team. Knowing Pamela could take PSOW to the next level, Dorothea saw a worthy and seasoned successor.

Pamela Eyring acquired the school in 2005.

A New Era of Excellence

PSOW President Pamela Eyring.

Today, as owner and president of The Protocol School of Washington, Pamela and her team continue to build upon the school’s esteemed reputation and storied legacy by providing continuous research and educational development for protocol and etiquette professionals throughout the world.



International Presence

PSOW began training in the United Arab Emirates in 2009 with its International Protocol Manager Training Certificate Program. Since then, the school has conducted its courses under the patronage of the Protocol Department – Dubai (PDD) and the Ministry of Presidential Affairs (MOPA).

In 2012, PSOW expanded operations beyond the United States, and established its Gulf and Middle East regional office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As the UAE hosts so many special events – from international sporting events to presidential visits, the need to understand, and work with, other cultures has grown exponentially. The patronage of PDD and MOPA allows the school to offer training to government agencies and private clients that develops the skills, foundational standards, and practical applications needed for organizing events and hosting others from different cultures in this rapidly growing region.

Additionally, the school has provided private training to military, government, and corporate entities in more than 80 countries, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Brussels, Trinidad and Tobago, Japan, Singapore, Suriname, and Kurdistan. With an accredited curriculum taught by subject matter experts, students receive quality instruction that is consistent, informative, and educational.

In 2020, in response to global demand for online/virtual training, The Protocol School of Washington launched its Protocol Officer Training in a live, online format. In 2021, the school conducted its inaugural Intercultural Etiquette and Protocol Trainer online course. With these online classes, the school expanded its global footprint to include students from every corner of the world while adhering to the highest standards for virtual training and interactive distance learning.



The Importance of Protocol in Today’s World

PSOW provides accredited and interactive protocol and etiquette courses worldwide.

The Importance of Protocol

With an interconnected global marketplace and the expansion of digital and social media, our world needs enhanced interpersonal and business etiquette skills more than ever. The Protocol School of Washington teaches the importance of intercultural awareness to facilitate effective communications, develop successful professional relationships, and conduct business domestically and internationally in ways that benefit all participants.

PSOW has more than 6,000 graduates from more than 90 countries.

For an overview of the school, please download the PSOW corporate profile. To learn more about the history of PSOW, download our timeline.

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